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Job descriptions

Passenger transport companies across Quebec are actively seeking people like you to fill one of the many positions within their company. Is the transport sector calling to you? There's a job waiting for you!



Washers are responsible for:

  • Performing the required type of washing on the buses
  • Checking the list of buses to be washed
  • Moving the buses between the parking lot and the garage
  • Filling the gas tanks of the buses
  • Checking and filling various liquids on the buses, depending on the employer
  • Performing safety inspections on the vehicles, depending on the employer
  • All other related tasks
  • Required qualifications
    • A high school diploma is usually required
    • Valid class 5 driver’s licence; a bus class is an asset
    • Good physical condition
    • No allergy to cleaning products
  • Working conditions

    Washer positions are usually full-time permanent positions.

    The washer must often be available to work evenings or nights.

    Wages and benefits vary from one company to the next, depending on whether or not it is subject to a collective agreement.

    Several employers offer continuing education.

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