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Job descriptions

Passenger transport companies across Quebec are actively seeking people like you to fill one of the many positions within their company. Is the transport sector calling to you? There's a job waiting for you!

Travel and discovery

Chartered coach driver

You like to travel and see the country, drive for miles, and be in contact with people who want to discover new horizons… The profession of chartered coach driver is made for you!


Chartered coach drivers usually have the role of:

  • Making chartered group tours in the province of Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, or the United States
  • Following the schedules and routes provided by the clients
  • Providing customer service tailored to their needs
  • Completing the daily safety check and the inspection specific to motor coaches
  • Cleaning the buses
  • Required qualifications

    Motor coaches are buses with more than 24 passengers; a class 2 driver’s licence is therefore required.

    Minimum age: 21

    To obtain a class 2 driver’s licence, the following steps must be taken:

    Step 1 – Driving record Fewer than 4 demerit points on the driving record.
    The driver’s licence must not have been suspended or revoked in the past 2 years following an accumulation of demerit points or a violation of the Criminal Code committed while operating a vehicle.
    Driving experience – at least 2 years of probationary experience or with class 5.
    Step 2 – Medical assessment and vision test Vision test required by the SAAQ.
    Completion by a doctor of the “Medical examination report” form to meet the requirements of the Regulation Respecting the Health of Drivers.
    Step 3 – Pass the knowledge test



    Successful completion of the knowledge test lets you obtain the class 2 learner’s licence. This licence gives you permission to drive with an authorized guide.
    Step 4 – On-road learning period


    Prior to the class 2 practical test.

    The duration of the on-road learning period differs from one person to the next. It could be 20 hours if the employer holds the title of SAAQ-authorized instructor.

    Step 5 – Pass the practical test Using a vehicle of the desired licence class.

    **Several transport companies finance and support the candidate in completing the above procedures.

  • Schedule and working conditions

    Conditions vary from one company to the next, according to the definition of the drivers’ tasks and the trips to be made.

    Non-routine work, diverse routes

    Full-time or part-time and divided according to variable schedules

    Wages and benefits vary from one company to the next.

    Uniform provided

  • Specifics

    Judicial record
    Several companies require a declaration relating to the judicial record confirming that the driver has no judicial record related to the position of bus driver, as well as the consent form for verification with a police force.


    Medical condition
    When a driver has a condition that prevents them from driving in the United States, their driver’s licence features the “W” condition, indicating that they are not permitted to drive a vehicle requiring classes 1, 2, 3, or 4B in the United States.

    The following medical conditions generally prohibit drivers of commercial vehicles who have them from driving in the United States:

    • epilepsy; and
    • considerable or complete hearing loss.

    Trips outside Quebec
    Drivers who travel to the province of Quebec must have an fonctional level of English.

    Drivers who travel in United States must have an intermediate to advanced level of English and a valid passeport.

    Brakes – F and M endorsements
    At the same time as the steps to obtain the class 2 licence are completed, it is possible to take steps to obtain:

    •  the F endorsement, which certifies that the person can drive a heavy vehicle equipped with an air brake system
    •  the M endorsement, which certifies that the person can drive a heavy vehicle equipped with a manual transmission
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